AITendance Blog

Daniel Schofield

A team blog to track the progress made on our AITendance project.

AITendance website is now live!

We have just officially launched our website. Check it out here:

We Got iAwards NSW!

It was such an incredible achievement to be awarded the iAward for the undergraduates devision of NSW tonight! A huge congrats to the entire team for the countless sleepless nights, last minute presentations and overall amazing effort! This one goes down in the history books guys Luiz, Chiaki and...

Gala Dinner NSW… Exciting Times!!

And tomorrow is AITendance’s big day. We will be on the Cocktail room at the Shangri-La Hotel demonstrating the solution and part of the MVP. We are having an exciting time on the preparation of the presentation and the Acceptance Speech in case we win! We at the AITendance project have seen a...

Showing the Attendees checkIn time

This is a simple php file which shows how many attendee and what time they did checkIn.

Testing, testing, testing...

Those times when tests can be done while you are on the bus... Sweeet!!

Progress of iOS APP

It would be great if we could get the number of attendees for our upcoming presentation and once they leave the room, we would want to do checkout automatically. This can be possible with the new technology, called iBeacon. Our swift app will be using the web services to save the new attendee ...

Fight between the Greens and Red Lines for Attendance

This simple while loop and if statement is taking out the sleep of one of our members! What a battle!!

Thursdays meetings — 07-01-2016

Last Thursday the whole team in a discussion about how the project is going… And trying to get over the "Postgresql Nightmares" hahaha Lets make it! Luiz Cavalierinisi

Cross-Platform Applications

So you want to make a mobile application do you? Who’s your targeted audience for said app? Only iPhone users? Well you’d be cutting out half your potential audience by restricting release to only iPhone. Which not only denies half the consumer market from using your awesome application, but also...