Progress of iOS APP

It would be great if we could get the number of attendees for our upcoming presentation and once they leave the room, we would want to do checkout automatically. This can be possible with the new technology, called iBeacon.

Our swift app will be using the web services to save the new attendee with his/her email and unique device UID. Unique device id helps us to verify that attendee is not logging in from other iPhone device.
Once we have the record of how many attendees are coming for our presentation, here comes the role of beacon which we will be installing in that presentation room. Upon beacon in range, our app will communicate with it and thus a web service call will insure that particular attendee is present in the attendance table in database. And similarly, when attendee leaves the room, we will remove his/her record from attendance table. This all can be achieved even when app is in background.

The story board will look like this which follows the auto layout rule.