If it looks like Bluetooth and it smells like Bluetooth, it's Bluetooth. Right?

In short; Yes. Yes it is. So “Why", you ask, “does this post not just end here.. why must you always complicate things?" Well because that’s like watching the low-res copy of Lord of the Rings without the extended cuts - it’s only half the story. It’s my job to shackle your legs to the ground, sticky tape your eyes open, microwave the triple butter popcorn and bunker down for the movie marathon of a lifetime.
Smart Bluetooth should be a far less foreign concept if you have been following along with our progression thus far. For any who hasn’t, I’m not crying… there’s just something in my eye. Yes - both of them. However, exactly how ‘Smart’ is this Bluetooth. Well, apparently smart enough to force hierarchical dominance over ‘lesser’ devices. Because as we know, not every device can be a super computer. There is just as much need for those lost and forgotten Bluetooth heart monitors that we bought in week three of that health kick because the “juice cleanse" was actually causing our organs to shut down preventing our brains from getting just the right amount of blood and oxygen to make the conscious decision not to buy them.
Bluetooth devices fall into three categories; Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth Smart devices and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.
Bluetooth Devices
Devices that fall into this category have been using Bluetooth protocols before all the other devices were in diapers. They are the everyday devices that we’ve all come to know and love. Some of these include; mice, headsets, keyboards and mobile phones. These devices can communicate with one another (i.e. phone to headset) or with Smart Ready Devices (i.e. smartphone to headset). They can’t, however, communicate with Bluetooth Smart devices.
Bluetooth Smart Devices
What set Smart Devices apart, ironically, is that they have no brain of their own. Speaking from a technical point of view, typically these devices don’t contain a processing unit, such as a CPU, as they don’t perform tasks of ‘computation’. They await directions from Smart Ready Devices to provide context to the tasks they perform. These devices include; Bluetooth Beacons, heart monitors, modern bluetooth speakers, etc.
Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices
These guys are the head honchos, the Godfathers of the Bluetooth world. They bark orders down the chain to their henchmen (Smart Devices) to perform the menial tasks because they are too busy doing important things. These devices include; modern smartphones, modern laptops and some gaming consoles.